What is our Reverse Sale?

June 07, 2021

Re-Verse Sale

+15% June - August

Major home goods stores purchase inventory from suppliers around the world. To buy goods in this way, they’re required to make purchases in bulk. This means that at the end of the season these stores are forced to discount any leftover products so they can make room on their shelves to buy in bulk again. 

Like every independent maker, Edgewood Made’s products are made to order or kept in a small inventory. Our margins are also not marked up in a way that can be discounted and still make us a profit. Following this production process, there is no reason for independent makers to discount their products. 

To resist the precedent set by major home goods stores and international chains, we’ll be having a Reverse Sale from June through August. Prices on our home goods will increase by 15%.

We hope that you’ll show your support for independent makers by purchasing our products during our Reverse Sale.